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Merlin elite Pro HD/OCR

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Text to speech

Text to speech



Multiple viewing modes

Multiple viewing modes


Notice: Due to high demand, this product is currently backordered. Please call customer service for more information.

Merlin elite Pro is a desktop video magnifier, featuring a HD camera and Full-Page Text-to-Speech (OCR). Merlin elite Pro’s high-definition camera displays clear images in vibrant color and contrast while its high-resolution LCD and large field of view. With the push of one button Merlin elite Pro allows you to change from live image mode to full page OCR mode to have it read your favorite article or book aloud.
Advanced Features
  • 24” high resolution HD LCD for superior image quality 
  • Magnification up to 70x • 32 viewing modes 
  • Low profile XY table with a user-friendly lock mechanism 
  • Computer compatible 
  •  3 OCR reading formats (Full Page Text, Full Page Picture & Single Line Text)
Text to speech

Text to speech

Converts printed text into speech


Magnifies text and objects
Multiple viewing modes

Multiple viewing modes

Multiple color contrast modes

Merlin elite Pro Video

Merlin elite Pro Resources

Merlin elite Pro Training

3-Year Warranty
Product Manual
Find Merlin elite Pro Proudct manual
Merlin elite Pro Updates
Find Merlin elite Pro Updates
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